Still recovering from the pounding I got last night 

theruralsuburbanite asked: I'm going to jerk off to your bf fingering your ass video…is that cool??

Fine by me

Anonymous asked: could you pretty pretty please write about your time having sex with more then 1 guy :P :D

When I was in scouts I was sharing a tent with my Fuck buddy at the time and he talked the other guy with us into fooling around.

Anonymous asked: ever been to a orgy and if not would you want to go to one

Never had one and I think too many people could be a problem. Like more than 4 and it’s just too many cooks ya know?

Anonymous asked: ever have sex with more then 1 person

Like at one time? yeah.

Anonymous asked: where would you have sex with these guys. your house, their house, a hotel.

Did all 3 but usually I went to their place.

Anonymous asked: where did you normally meet up with these guys to have sex.

Adam4adam usually. Met a guy through Cam4 one time too

Anonymous asked: have you ever had sex with a model, porn star, web cam preformer or someone famous or semi famous.

Ha no. I wish though

Anonymous asked: how many guys have you had sex with

Honestly I forget. More than 10 but less than 50

Exactly what it sounds like. Expect the best male nudity I can find plus the occasional pop culture posts.

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